Monday, November 8, 2010

Craft Show 2010

The craft show was awesome! I loved the positive response, I sold almost everything. I think after 5 years I am starting to get the hang of things. I made some major improvements to the display, using new green table cloths and all the black and white runners I made for a wedding last spring.
My friend, Jolene, was advertising her photography and we worked on some headbands and necklaces together. That made the day extra fun! She is wonderful to work (and play) with.
Also my sweet mom is in town and she always makes everything better. She was an A+ salesman. Thanks momma.
All the clothing items were new for me this year, and I was grateful that people liked them. I only had one dress left and it is my daughter's size. Perfect.
I am taking custom orders, so let me know if you need a crazy little ruffly outfit for your little one!


  1. Next year I'm setting my alarm bright and early so I can have first pick. Loved it all, you are so talented (plus fun to meet your momma!) I will definitely be asking you for a dress for Sadie come next spring

  2. You are a rock star crafter/seamstress! It was so fun to be there to catch all the comments about my talented daughter! Love you, honey!

  3. Hi! I saw that you left a comment on Marti's blog and I had to take a peek. I swear I'm not a stalker. By the way, you are still so beautiful and so talented. I was looking through some of the stuff you make and it reminded me of a tutorial I saw on It is about the cutest ruffle skirt and headband for a little girl I have ever seen. Her blog is fun to read as well.

  4. Oh, I SERIOUSLY missed you guys for the fair. I thought about you all that day : ( Your stuff is amazing as usual! I would love a little outfit for Hannah, maybe with some of the fabric we bought at our 'secret' store ;D Miss you mucho mama. I'll call soon!