Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to School Outfits

I had so much fun making these little outfits out of store bought t-shirts and left-over fabric. I love having a daughter who thinks the things I make are great! I am sure it won't last too much longer, so for now I will enjoy every minute of it. The boys all got cheap shirts and pants from Target. They would rather die than wear something Mom made.

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  1. Okay Ang, you are the queen of awesomeness!!! I LOVE your blog!! I thought that you said that you did not have one! I just need an invite now....hint, hint! your cute wall, your blinds, outfits, dresser, ect! I have to copy all your ideas now! :) I have some questions for you, sewing questions! Where do you go to get a sewing machine fixed? Also I just bought a pattern....yeah... need some assistance! I will give you a call!!! Hope you are doing great!!