Friday, September 4, 2009

My New House!

Well... not really a new HOUSE, maybe just a new LOOK. I am the kind that gets sick of things around the house easily and is always ready for a change! Maybe it is because I stare at my house all day long. Anyway, the boys went out of town for a few days last week and my Mom was here with me and baby girl. My mother is the queen of decorating, and always is there to encourage me along the way. I am only a shadow of her talents. A very faint, weak shadow. Baby girl was recently potty trained and I sold the changing table on Craigslist! I found her this dresser at Salvation Army and after trying to do it the "right way" with a paintbrush and real paint, it looked DISASTROUS! Drips and streaks everywhere. Very, very sad. I sanded it lightly and used my trusty spray paint, and it turned out just fine! I even painted a Home Depot mirror to match, and glued pom poms to the mirror! I love having another girl in the house. She knows it, takes advantage of it, and as a result is totally spoiled!
My Mom knows how to change out light fixtures. She bought this herself, changed it herself and then let me know that our ugly light fixture has always bothered her!!! I just touched up the paint a bit.

Some pillows for a little bit of interest in this room. I am way into ruffles and pleats. These were all made from fabric, polyfil fluff and a pillow form I had on hand.

This was my baby for the weekend! I painted this wall red 6 years ago and it was time for a change. I found these awesome ink prints on and just printed them out on cardstock on my wimpy little printer! That website is amazing. Someone out there has scanned really old books that no longer are protected by copyright. It is kind of a mess, but with a little patience you can find pages of any theme imaginable. I especially like the botanicals. I was lucky enough to find these frames on CLEARANCE at Target. It took hours to frame these because there were tiny black bits from the frame that kept showing up on the mats! Insanity! Actually, it was really fun. Baby girl and my Mom were asleep and I had a few precious hours just to myself.
A few months ago I spray painted all my chairs sage green because there were so many mis-matched wood tones going on in this area (floor, cupboards, quilt cupboard, table AND chairs- all different). Last weekend I also painted the quilt cupboard black. Again my best friend, spray paint, had the job done in less than 15 minutes! The table and chairs were hand-me-downs, the cupboard was a Wal-Mart floor model on sale I picked up about a year ago. I am lucky to have collected lots of free or super cheap items!

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