Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pink Cupcake Shower

This was quite the party! It was in honor of a dear, sweet friend who after 4 boys finally welcomed a girl into the family! We asked everyone to wear pink. We decorated 3 different kinds of cupcakes.

Don't you think she looks excited??? (PS By now she has lost all her baby weight, plus some, although that wasn't necessary and is an amazingly hot momma of 5 kids! She recently moved far away and I miss her.)

I made her a pink and red blanket with a cupcake print ruffle edge, a pink cupcake twirly skirt with 2 matching shirts. I need to remember to take more pictures!
We handed out "cupcake pops" (again, Bakerella) for favors, served meatloaf in cupcake tins with pink mashed potatoes on top (they looked very, very, kind of freakishly real) and she took home tons of cute things to help her prepare for a pink princess.

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  1. Oh please take that picture of me down, yuck. I'll email you more pictures of the wonderful night. Miss you.